Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy weekend/FOTD

There is only one word to sum up my weekend and that is "Whew!"... it was way too busy for my taste. My mister moved to Murfreesboro and amongst all the chaos with that I had a wedding to photograph. There was absolutely zero downtime. We are going to have to make up for it next weekend by doing as little as possible.

Anyways, on to my FOTD.

Dream Fresh BB
e.l.f. Studio Blush in "Tickled Pink"

Metal Mania Palette
e.l.f. Essential Liquid Eyeliner in "Black"
e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Mascara

"Buck" from the UD Naked Palette

I seriously can't remember. I just threw something on just so they would look less chapped. Clearly it did not help. Haha.

Please ignore the craziness of my hair in these pictures. I have been slowly trying to get back to my natural color, and somehow ombre-ing my hair seemed like the obvious solution to cut through several years of coloring it dark brown. It is a wee bit crispy on the ends from the blonde (though you can't see them in the picture) and the top is too many different colors from my new growth + old color. Also I live in Tennessee... that is all I need to say to explain the frizzies at the top. Oh, and my hair is actually LIGHTER at the roots. The lighting is making them look crazy dark.

I wore this look out to lunch with my cousins who are in from Bermuda for the next week. I am so, so happy they are all here. :) I have been going for more natural looks lately, so it was fun to play up my eyes a little bit. Also, I am LOVING the Dream Fresh BB cream. I have horrible, acne prone skin lately. I managed to angle my face to hide the huge patch of it sitting on my cheek at the time of the pictures. Somehow the BB cream has improved the overall texture of my skin and the breakouts have gone down a ton since I switched from wearing foundation every day. Warning- It is veeeeeery light coverage. I make it work with a little concealer when needed, but if you have a lot of redness or really angry breakouts it won't do much for you. It is most definitely a "your skin only better" type deal.

Well, I am about to crash, so here are a few more pictures from the other day.

 My little cousin, Ethan, being a complete cutie.
 Murnau giving my nuzzles. He is a total mama's boy.

And, finally, my ridiculously handsome man with his ridiculously perfect teeth. Swoon. 

Now it is bed time for the kitties and I! Goodnight.


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