Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's a girl!

So, as I have posted about before, my brother and his wife are expecting their first little young'n. I am so excited to be an aunt! Last night we all met up to find out the sex of the baby. I didn't realize until Kayla opened the envelope at the end that she and Derrick had waited to be with us to find out for themselves. I may have cried a bit.
The whole idea was really cute and I had a great time. We each got a balloon containing an old wives tale and after we read it Derrick and Kayla had to mark on the board which one applied to her. Example: If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, you are having a girl.  If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it’s a boy.  

Here is a video for anyone who would like to see it. My hands were super shaky (I was filming with my bulky DSLR) and this video is unedited... meaning you get to hear Kayla's sister who is also pregnant saying "if it has three lines like a hamburger, then it's a girl" when they looked at the sonogram picture. Also, I would like to point out that I did not realize how bad my accent was until I watched this video and I am almost impossible to understand. Sorry! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Things.

Howdy, folks! So, with me being a sponsor over at The Nearsighted Owl, I thought I would post a few very random things about my very random self so that we could get more acquainted. Please ignore the very old picture. I desperately need to locate my tripod.

1. I live in a ridiculously tiny town. 

I am originally from Wartrace, Tennessee. I went to a small Christian school with two or more grades in a single classroom, and was brought up in a Pentecostal church. While I don't consider myself to be the strict religious type any more, my love for big hair is still intact. That is where the name for my blog came from. The original quote is "the higher the hair, the closer to God." That was definitely our mantra.

2. I used to work in a nursing home. 

Before I started cosmetology school I worked as a rehabilitation technician in a nursing home and I loved it. I met some really wonderful people there and had to say goodbye to some of them. I urge everyone to volunteer at your local nursing homes. Those people are beautiful and do not get enough attention.

3. I used to live in a haunted house. 

That is why I am 20 and still have trouble sleeping alone... in fact, I may have a palette made in my brother's floor tonight. We used to live in a large, very old house. My dad decorated it with all sorts of antiques, a lot of them creepy pictures. I used to see shadows and hear people walking around all the time. I was terrified. I remember lying in my bed nearly having a panic attack and as soon as I would hear my older brother come home I would nearly run to his room so I would not have to sleep by myself.

4. I have an odd infatuation with Victorian postmortem photography.

Which stems from my old house. My dad used to buy all these strange portraits of people we didn't know from antique stores and hang them around the house. We had one in particular that had a man with one eye half closed and the other was almost shut. As a kid I just assumed he blinked when they took the photo. When I got older and realized they didn't just snap pictures like we do now... no, that guy was probably dead. Now I love researching Victorian postmortem photography. It's fascinating!

5. I also have a serial killer fascination. 

I wonder how many readers just thought, "this girl is a weirdo." I am I guess. It's not the gory details that I like (I cover my eyes at any hint of blood on movies), it is the psychology. I would have loved to have been a psychologist, or a criminal profiler so I could help find these people.

6. I am slightly OCD. 

I am super schedule-oriented. I do the same thing at the same time every morning when I get ready. If my routine gets thrown off I get really anxious. I also have to check at least three times to make sure my flat iron is unplugged... and sometimes I still check it again before I leave the house.

7. I love photography. 

I love to take photos! My favorite subject is people. I have a small photography business that does pretty well for some extra money.

8. I am a Potter-head. 

I LOVE HARRY POTTER. If it is Harry Potter weekend on abc family, you better believe I am not leaving my house. I have read all the books several times.

9. One time I had 19 cats. 

At my old house, we had a litter of kittens we couldn't find homes for. They all became outside cats and would all pretty much hang out in the yard and were all really friendly. One day a litter of kittens emerged from under the house, then before we knew it they had multiplied. Before it was all said and done we had 19 cats living at my house. I was pretty much in cat lady heaven. Luckily, they all found homes before my family and I moved.

10. I am a bit of a hermit. 

I hate parties. Not that I don't love hanging out with a group of friends and doing something cool, I just can't stand what my age group considers a party. As a general rule drunk people annoy me. I went to a club once... I will probably never go again. Zach and I talked about it and decided we don't mind. Last night I cooked dinner and we watched Coraline together and cuddled with Matilda (my other cat, who lives with Zach right now) on the couch... I would take that over some wild party any day. 

If you are reading this blog, please introduce yourself in the comments! Tell me some facts about your self!

Also, for those of you reading... any thing you would like to see on my blog? Anything to make navigation easier?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Night of the living moms!

I know, I know. I said no posting on the weekends. I just felt this was too rad not to post!

I am lucky. I have a mother that supports me and is basically always willing to be a guinea pig for hair and makeup related things. So, last night when I said "let me turn you into a zombie!", she was game. She makes such a pretty zombie... you know, as far as attractive reanimated corpses go.

Zach did the blood trickle coming out of her nose. I have never seen someone so proud of themselves.

If anyone is interested, I might just post a tutorial!

Friday, October 26, 2012

FOTD Fail.

So, tonight I decided I would post my look for the day. It was inspired by the scarf I am wearing. I took a photo, then I decided the lighting in my parents room would be better.

And then this happened...


And then my camera died

 Revlon Colorstay in "Buff"
Hard Candy baked blush in "Living Doll"

120 Palette 2nd Edition
LashBlast Mascara

I also had on the liquid liner and a sheer pink gloss from E.L.F.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Under construction!

I know everything looks not so hot right now, but I am working on making this blog look lovely. :) Posting will resume as usual tomorrow afternoon! Love, Emily.

Eight Halloween Tutorials.


Halloween is just around the corner and I am so excited! I am pretty sure Zach and I will just spend the night watching scary movies, but that doesn't stop me from getting in the spirit. Since Halloween falls on a week day, my school is doing a fantasy hair and makeup competition and I have been obsessing over which look I want to do. I have been spending way too much time on Youtube looking at tutorials and idead, and these are a few that I have found that I thought were pretty awesome and not super complicated. Zach and I are headed to one of the big Halloween stores this weekend, so expect a few spooky looks from me next week! P.S.- Desperately need a new blog layout. Terrible inexperienced with blogger. Too broke to pay someone to create a layout for me. Advice? Somewhere I can learn a thing or two?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The craft fair!

 Every year there is a fair held in Bell Buckle (a teeny tiny town located about 20 minutes from where I live) where people from all over set up booths and sell their handmade goods. Clothing, jewelery, candles, art... you name it, they got it. They also have huge booths set up devoted to selling delicious food and huuuuge cups of lemonade and sweet tea.

Well, that used to be the case.

Zach and I were pretty excited to check out the craft fair this year. He is from Chapel Hill and has never been. I don't know what happened this year. I can only hope that most of the good booths were gone already because we went on a Sunday rather than Saturday... but there were hardly any handmade goods to be found! Most of it was cheap wholesale jewelery and purses. I did manage to find some cool booths, like the one I pictured above that sold a ton of different teas. However, most were full of fail and we ended up heading over to one of the many cool antique stores around the area. Basically, we payed five bucks to park and visit the same stores we go to all the time.

Such a shame. Hopefully they get it right next year!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick dry your nails... with Pam?

Hi all! Sorry for not posting yesterday. Our miniature Australian Shepherd, Kota, randomly started puking blood that morning and it was a very scary day. Luckily it doesn't seem to be anything horrible and the vet put her on an IV for a while before sending her home with some antibiotics. We are hoping she just ate something outside and she will heal in a few days.

Anyways, the other day I was scrolling through Pinterest and read a pin that claimed Pam cooking spray could dry your polish instantly. Whaaaaaat! I had to try it. Of course since I was taking pictures I would manage to choose the oldest, lumpiest polish I had forgotten I owned. Please excuse the mess on my fingers. Dinner was in the oven and I had no time to apply something different. Basically... this works! Well, somewhat. My nails weren't super dry, but they were really close. They were still a bit soft and dented when I poked at them. However, I do believe this cut down my drying time majorly. Maybe I sprayed too much (as you can tell by my super oily fingers) and that is why it did not dry at magic speed. I think I will definitely give it another go, though!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Instagram.

I have barely been on Instagram this week! I am mega stressed at the moment and haven't had much time for frivolous instragramming. Hahaha. Basically, my school screwed up my loan and I am not expected to pay over a grand a month.

Eff that. I'm going to be a magician.

1. Aubrey Ann and I! So now in our family we have Aubrey Ann, Emily-Ann (me, obviously), and Peggy Ann (my grandmother).

2. The night Murnau came home from the vet. He was soooo happy to see me. We had a cuddlefest.... and then the next day his medicine made him poop all over my room. Yay.

3. Zach knows how to make me smile. I love grapefruit! I drank that all in two days.

4. I am in the hair cutting division at school. This is my last division before I get my kit! I could dance if I weren't so mad at them for messing up my loan.

5. Harry Potter on ABC Family. My night is complete.

6. Puffy eyes strike again! This time due to vast amounts of PMS induced crying. Whoops.

Well, time to enjoy my weekend. I have really enjoyed actually having scheduled posts. I feel like this blog is really getting productive and I can't wait for it to grow and for me to grow as a blogger. However, I have decided not to post on the weekends. This is my time to spend with my family and Zach, not sitting behind a computer monitor. Maybe one day I will consider scheduling guest posts from other bloggers on the weekends, but for now no posts until Monday morning.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Lake.

Last Saturday Zach, our friend Cliff, and I met my parents at the lake and spent a lovely afternoon enjoying the lovely scenery. My parents purchased a camper this year and this was my first time going with them. We didn't stay the night, but I wish we would have! Zach and I found a tent at a yard sale at the beginning of the summer for super cheap and I have been dying to try it out.
While we were walking we found a ton of fish bones and a HUGE catfish head. I didn't want to leave it end up getting crushed like the other bones, so he is currently sitting on the porch waiting to be cleaned and placed on my shelf.

I wish I could go back again this weekend. All the colors were stunning and the weather has been perfect lately, minus the rain... though I can't say I would hate to fall asleep near the lake listening to the rain.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore: Yellow and Blue

Dress and scarf - Francessca's
Shoes- Born

First outfit post... Oh my! You want to know what makes these pictures even greater? My 14-year-old brother took him while sitting on his four-wheeler. That explains the tilt in some of them and why my feet are cut off... he did his best, though. I totally could not locate my tripod anywhere, so I conned him into going on a stroll with me. "Oh, I am just going for a walk with my camera... why don't you go with me? It will be fun!"

I lied. It was not fun... for him, anyways. I had a friggin' blast being in front of the camera for once. We also saw a fox which was pretty awesome. I love foxes! 

Fun fact: Those scars on my knees? I tripped and slid down a gravel driveway while racing my cousin at my grandma's house. I was wearing shorts and had just had a bike wreck the week before (I am ever so slightly clumsy) and my knees were so bad I almost passed out when I saw them. I have had doctors offer to do plastic surgery. They are much more scarred up than this picture lets on. However, my imperfections are what makes me who I am and I am keeping my "ugly" knees. This is also why I opted out of the surgery that would fix me being pigeon-toed. 

Hope is having a fantastical day! 

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