Monday, March 18, 2013

Happiest girl in the world.

I have been hinting at some news for a while now....

Zach and I have decided to get hitched!

I am so very excited and he seriously proposed in the cutest way ever. I nearly exploded. No joke.

Our first date was under this big tree in a park. When we sat under it he started saying something about a branch looking like a lion and I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, so he put his arm around me to "show" me where to look. To this day I have no idea if the branches actually resembled a lion or not. Anyways, he took me antiquing last Saturday and we ended up back under "our tree". We have been talking a lot about marriage this last year and we knew we wanted to tie the knot in October, but nothing was official yet. I knew it was coming, but I just didn't know when. Zach brought a quilt my Granny had made and we laid for a while under the tree and talked. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we ended up dozing off. Of course I had to pee like a madwoman when I woke up (SO ROMANTIC, I KNOW.) and I walked off to find a bathroom. When I came back we sat propped up against the tree and he put his arm around me. I laughed and asked something along the lines of, "oh no lions this time?". He laughed too and pointed to a nearby branch and asked, "what do you see in those branches?" "Uhhh... a branch." He pointed to some more, "how about those?" "Still branches." Then he pointed above us, "what about those?" There was a ring box hanging above my head! Inside the box was the most beautiful opal ring I have ever seen in my life. I am now a happily engaged woman... and I can't wait to blow this blog up with wedding planning!

Hope you all had a great Monday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

She's here!

Last Friday was seriously the best day ever! At 3 a.m. we got the call that Kayla's water had broke and off to the hospital she went. I have never been so excited in my entire life...

Corley Rose is absolutely perfect. I am so in love I can't stand it... I could kiss her chubby cheeks all day! It is crazy how much she has changed since she was born already. She hardly even looks like these pictures anymore.

I mean, look! Is that even the same baby? Haha. I am one proud Aunt Emy.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Look how happy I am in the above picture. That was taken last April... I worked as a rehab tech in a nursing home and had all the free time in the world.

Then I decided, hey, I am gonna go to school.

Which is why I am writing this blog post. A few months ago, during a random surge of inspiration, I made this list of all my plans for the New Year. I had my mind made up that I was going to do an outfit post every week among a dozen other really awesome things. I was excited and feisty. Guess what I am now? Tired. I am very tired.

Honestly, I barely change out of my black smock from school. My cute outfit days are becoming few and far between... and I am afraid it is going to be this way until October. Between being on my feet all day at school with rude clients and then going straight into GameStop some days to deal with even more rude people I am spent. I don't feel like planning blog posts. I don't feel like walking out to the woods behind my house for outfit pics.

This blog will never be an obligation. I never want to get tired of blogging because it feels like just one more thing I have to do. This is my happy place. I am not trying to sound mean or bitter. I am quite the opposite... I LOVE blogging. I love the people I have met. I love getting on here and finding people that inspire me and writing about whatever pops into my little head. I love putting together the occasional hair tutorial makeup looks, but I am not going to stress over it.

Some days I will post, some days I will not, and that's okay. While my life is so very stressful right now, there are some absolutely wonderful things happening (which are contributing somewhat to my stress, but in an awesome way!) and I CAN'T WAIT to post about them. Y'all don't even know. I am about to bubble over I am so excited.

I can't wait until I have time to do what I love again, but until then this is the way things will go over here for a while. Thank you to all my readers and those who I follow here in blogland... you guys are amazing and I am lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Until sometime,


Monday, March 4, 2013

This week on Instagram.

1. Murnie constantly pokes his tongue out and I love it... also, look how chunky he is! 

2. Another picture of baby boy. I can't help it though. He is getting his claws removed tomorrow (I have no choice. He keeps getting them caught in everything and his paws are always bloody.) I am uper worried about him. I don't know how I will sleep without him on my legs. 

3. Found this while grocery shopping. I was very attached to my great-grandfather who passed away when I was seven. He was constantly on the search for peanut butter with oil at the top, which grossed me out as a kid. This is the first time I have actually seen it. In a time in my life that is so stressful, I definitely needed the smile. 

4. Making over mannequins! 

5. FINALLY got a vanity table to put all my makeup in. No more sitting on the floor to put on my face! 

6. Look at Zach's eyelashes! I am so jealous. 

7. Spider in the bathroom sink... Nope. Nope. Nope. I washed my face in the kitchen. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More preggo spam!

It has been nothing but babies in this house for the last few weeks. Between Kayla and my brother being a few weeks away from welcoming my first niece into the world and my cousin finding out she is having twins baby fever has been rampant in my house. These are a few pics I snapped over the last week for my seester-in-law's maternity photos. I think I managed to make her look glowing and excited rather than "my ankles look like fence posts and I want this baby out of me".... just kidding! As miserable as she is, I think we are all just excited to get Cora Rose here.

Having a niece on the way has led to a whole lot of talkin' 'bout the future with the mister and I. There are a lot of big things coming this year that I can't wait to share with you all soon! Never fear, I have no plans to pop out any munchkins this year or the next few. However, Zach and I have pretty much picked out baby names for our future little shits. Lucy Louise for a girl and Hugh Russell for a boy. How freaking adorable is that?

Well, it is off to school for me. Hoping this week is better after I had the client from hell this last week... She asked to see a picture of Zach and informed me that he was "hot" and I needed to "get that shit cleared up" on my face if I was going to be with him. This was after she informed the sweet old lady getting her wig thinned out beside us that she "didn't know colored women could grow hair like that." I am getting an anxiety attack talking about her. Geesh. Have a good day, y'all!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Theodora palette review!

Ignore my terrible eyebrows. They are being grown out after a bad wax!

While I love bargain products, I recently decided it was time to expand my collection a little bit and buy some higher end stuff. It started out with Kat Von D foundation (which is HG status for me and will be reviewed soon!) and has grown from there. I am still a poor cosmetology student, though, so I was left drooling over the new limited edition Glinda and Theodora   palettes from Urban Decay.
Well, I woke up the other morning and surprise!... Zach had ordered them both for me. What a stud! So, tonight I bring you a review of the Theodora palette.

Price: $49.99
Includes: Palette containing 6 new eyeshadows (0.05 oz), Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (0.10 oz), and Zero 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (0.03 oz)
Would I recommend?:   YES. 

First of all, let me say I love the packaging of this product. Not only is the artwork really cool, but the eyeshadows are housed in a tin container, so the whole thing just feels very sturdy and well-made. Also, the eyeshadows are removable and can be replaced with other UD shadows. Neat! The palette itself comes in your standard cardboard box with the same artwork as the palette and the eyeshadow names on the back. Inside the box is a "get the look" card and the lipstick.

Broken: Is a really pretty matte cream color. It looks white on the swatch due to the flash, but it pulls more of a buttercream color. It is very soft and pigmented for such a light color. No chalkiness and blends beautifully!

Beware: A medium matte brown. Again, very soft and no chalkiness. Works well as a wash or in the crease.

Bewitch: Darker brown shade that is more gray than warm. Again, fantastic pigmentation!

West: Another sparkly dark brown shade. Warmer than bewitch. Very soft and blendable.

Spell (black side): A sparkly charcoal color. Not super intense, but you can easily build it up. I really think this is a good thing in a black shadow because I love putting them in my crease. If it is super pigmented it is just too harsh. I did experience fall-out with the glitter, though.

Spell (gold side): Gorgeous gold color! One of my favorites in this palette. Very pigmented and so easy to blend. Great shadow.

Jealous (darker green): Very lovely shimmery medium green color. I like it because it is an earthy green color, so it can be worn for every day wear or smoked out for night time without being too intense. It is very pigmented and goes on my lids wonderfully.

Jealous (lighter green): Frosty light green color. It reminds me of tinkerbell for some strange reason. Again, it is very pigmented and blends like a dream.

Theodora super-saturated lip color: Oh my gosh. This is my favorite lipstick right now! It does not pull too blue-toned on me, which is almost impossible in red lipsticks on my skintone for some reason. I love the fact that it is not drying at all... in fact it is like a really badass lipgloss. It is very intensely pigmented and has great staying power. My only complaint is that it tends to travel a bit and I end up with lipstick under my lip... or on my nose, somehow.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in "Zero": This is a jet black liner which is great for smudging if you are doing a smokey eye. I love it on my bottom waterline as it does not smear all up under my eyes like most eyeliners.

Overall, I say this palette is a great buy. You can get so many looks from it and, like most UD products, the pigmentation is awesome. I see myself reaching for this palette daily, which is rare for me! I think there is something for everyone here and I suggest picking it up if you want something that works consistently and is long-lasting!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This week on Instagram.

1. Chamomile Bath Tea. I rarely soak in the tub and I am glad this little bag made me! I was definitely relaxed. That is, until the bag ripped open and my soothing bath turned into a swamp. 

2. New vanity which means I FINALLY have somewhere to store my makeup (it is currently in a few plastic totes in the floor beside a beat up mirror. Gotta love my tiny room.)

3. This needs no explanation. 

4. I know every word. 

5. That moment when your boyfriend and Sheldon Cooper have the exact shame shirt! 

6. My bangs were behaving that day.... my scraggly looking eyebrow, however, was not. 

7. Little brother and I drove almost an hour for free pancakes at IHOP. 

8. SUSHI. Om nom nom freaking nom. 

It feels good to be back! It looks like I did two "this week on Instagram" posts on my blog because it has been over a week since I have been able to post. Last week was crazy (not to mention the fact that I had a very scary moment on Friday where I thought my appendix was rupturing, but the pain was too low and I am now getting checked for intestinal ulcers) but this week looks better. I missed y'all! 
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