Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This week on Instagram.

1. Chamomile Bath Tea. I rarely soak in the tub and I am glad this little bag made me! I was definitely relaxed. That is, until the bag ripped open and my soothing bath turned into a swamp. 

2. New vanity which means I FINALLY have somewhere to store my makeup (it is currently in a few plastic totes in the floor beside a beat up mirror. Gotta love my tiny room.)

3. This needs no explanation. 

4. I know every word. 

5. That moment when your boyfriend and Sheldon Cooper have the exact shame shirt! 

6. My bangs were behaving that day.... my scraggly looking eyebrow, however, was not. 

7. Little brother and I drove almost an hour for free pancakes at IHOP. 

8. SUSHI. Om nom nom freaking nom. 

It feels good to be back! It looks like I did two "this week on Instagram" posts on my blog because it has been over a week since I have been able to post. Last week was crazy (not to mention the fact that I had a very scary moment on Friday where I thought my appendix was rupturing, but the pain was too low and I am now getting checked for intestinal ulcers) but this week looks better. I missed y'all! 


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