Monday, September 24, 2012

Eyelash extensions and Bettie bangs!

This weekend has been a wee bit hectic and I have been without internet for the most part. Zach left for Illinois today for some training program for his work, and I spent my weekend spending time with him and trying not to be whiny about him going. It's kind of silly for me to get upset considering he will be back Friday and we hardly see each other during the week anyways since I am in school all day every day and he works all day every day and we live about an hour away from each other. Really I am not seeing him any less than I normally would... but still. Illinois is a long way away.

I am a baby. I know.

I wish I had more than just instagram pictures to post, but I have barely been home and my camera is sitting uncharged on my desk. The above photo is me getting ready to have eyelash extensions put on. Now, to be posting a before picture would only mean that I have an after picture as well, right? Nope! Turns out I am allergic to the adhesive on the medical tape they use. While my lashes look lovely (thanks mom!), my eyes are really raw and painful. I have really sensitive skin... especially around my eyelashes. Towards the end of it my eyes felt like they were on fire and I was starting to squirm.

The process itself is not really that bad if you aren't a wuss like me. After I took that photo we got a few lashes on before I started burning, so my mom put some really soothing anti-wrinkle pads on my eyes and applied the tape over them instead. That worked wonderfully until the end. I even fell asleep during it!

In other news, I am getting closer to achieving the Bettie Page bangs I have been trying to do! My bangs always freak out slightly when they are cut... so, hopefully they will look a bit better tomorrow when I style my hair. I feel like I need to go up slightly more on the edges, but my bangs are crazy and hard to cut. One thing at a time. Also, this picture was taken after the eyelash extensions (as you can tell by the fact that I actually have eyebrows here...). I had slapped on some makeup, so you can't see how irritated my eyes were. I promise to post some actual photos of them soon!

PS- Is anyone else as obsessed with "Sherlock" as I am? I just started watching it on Netflix!



Renae Hills said...

The bangs and the lashes definitely suit your look, Emily! I suggest that you keep that look! In regards to your allergic reaction to adhesives, I advise you to see a dermatologist first before applying any adhesive to your skin and eyes. Also, look for adhesives that are hypo-allergenic and go well with your sensitive skin.

Renae Hills

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