Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This week in Instagram.

1. Four people in a tiny photobooth.... it was very warm. This is from a recent trip to Murfreesboro. I love my friends.

2. Last night with Matilda living here. I have had her since I was 15 and I am horrible and have yet to blog about her. She is so different from Murnau and very hard to get pictures of. She is very, very independent and only cuddles when she feels like it... which is rare. Since I rescued Murnau my tiny room has become too cramped with both fuzzy sneeze creatures living in here, so last week Zach took her since Murnau requires a bit more attention. I am crying like a little baby in the picture, so luckily it is dark haha.

3. My makeup this morning. It was gloomy, so I threw on some orange and purple to brighten my mood. AND I GOT BANGS. I love them. I am going to rock these for another week or so before going full pin-up fringe. Yaaaaay. Also, boo puffy allergy eyes. 

4. A picture I found of my aunt and mom.... oh my goodness. I love this. Look at those awesome handmade dresses my Mammie put on them. And I love the contrast between my dark featured aunt and my fair-haired mom. Looks like my family ran out of all the Native American traits before my grandma had my mom haha. Which is probably why I look so different from my cousins. Oh well.

5. Murnau enjoying belly rubs. He is getting to be a little lard ass since he doesn't have to share food. Lazy bum.

6. ANOTHER of Murnau. I miss Matilda a ton, so I am taking a ton of pictures of my Murmeooooow (Zach loves it when I call him that. And by "love" I mean he considers breaking up with me when he hears me do that.)

7. Posing with my friends before my first night clubbing. We went to Play in Nashville, which is a gay club. Everyone was really cool and it was fun not having to worry about getting hit on. We talked to some really cool people and I could seriously watch drag queen shows all night. They are beautiful!

8. On the way to Play. Sarah and I got bored (because we were lost and had been driving forever) and started taking silly pictures in the backseat. Look how sleepy I look and we weren't even there yet.

9. One of the drag queens. I want them to teach me to do makeup. I loved this one in particular because she was so unique. However, after the show, I was ready to go. I realized I am too much of an old lady for the wild nightlife.

10. My mammie's cooking. Fried chicken, mashed taters and peas, and egg gravy and biscuits. Oh my gosh. My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

11. An old pic of Zach, but one of my favorites. I am so bad about sneaking pictures of him because I think he is the most handsome thing ever. I think we had been together a little over 6 months when this was taken.

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