Monday, September 3, 2012

Eyelash extensions!

This weekend has been pretty emotional and hectic for me, hence the lack of posts. My cousins left out Saturday night/early Sunday morning, but not without waking up to Ethan on my bed giving me hugs and kisses. I barely remember it because I was so groggy. :(  Needless to say, Sunday was filled with a lot of random tearing up on my part. 
I am very much ready for life to get back into a routine. I like routine. When my routine gets thrown off I can't adjust. That is why I like scheduling and making blog posts. Unfortunately, this did not go according to plan. However, I would not trade my family time for anything, though. I love that kind of chaos.

I woke up early Sunday morning and headed to Nashville with my mom to be her guinea pig for an eyelash training class. I slept in the car for a few hours because the models weren't supposed to be in the class. It took place in this really ritzy hotel and I came in for a little while to eat lunch with my mom before she had to go back in. I knew I was in trouble when they brought me out my $15 dollar SANDWICH. Yeah. Maybe this is normal. Maybe I am just more cheap than I realized, but come on. It is bread, meat, and cheese. Not even fancy cheese, either. The waitress didn't even bring me a water or anything.
Aaaaaanyways, as you can see above I got a trial run of the eyelash extensions. I am definitely interested in a full set. The length between my own nubby little lashes and the extensions is pretty obvious in the picture, but they actually look pretty natural in real life. Especially when I put some lengthening mascara on my real lashes. My eyes were naked in that picture because we weren't allowed to wear any kind of makeup. The process itself is long. I have about ten or so extensions in the picture, but a full set is around 50 to 100 I think. Depending on what kind of look you are going for. I want pin-up lashes when I go for the full set, but you can get natural looking ones also. The only discomfort was from the surgical tape protecting my bottom lash line. Otherwise I just about fell asleep during it.

Afterwards my mom and I made a special trip to Krispy Kreme and (angels singing) THE RED LIGHT WAS ON. Many times I have heard of the magnificence that is the magical red light, but never have I experienced it. Let me just tell you... I will never be the same. I may have suffered 3rd degree burns and my butt may have slightly increased in mass, but I have no regrets!


StaceyFacex said...

What's the red light?! I'm from England I have no idea?! xx

Emily-Ann Hill said...

Oh my god... how about I just now figured out I had comments. Hahaha. I am a loser.

And the red light is the light they turn on in the window of Krispy Kreme when they have made fresh doughnuts. Oh my gosh... so amazing.

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