Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beauty for a Bargain: Coconut Oil

Today's Beauty for a Bargain is not something that I would have originally called a "bargain"... I remember hearing people singing the praises of coconut oil. I went to Wal-Mart and excitedly hunted some down. When I saw how small the tub was for the price, I decided to not get it. I think it was around $6 for 4 oz. Call me cheap, but at the time that seemed like a tiny bit of product for the price.
A few weeks ago Zach got me an Amazon giftcard and I bit the bullet and purchased some. I instantly fell in love. It has SO many uses. For example, I heated some up (it comes in a solid form until you melt it down) and coated my hair with it. I threw my hair up in a bun and Zach and I watched a movie on Netflix before I shampood it out. My hair has never felt better! This is in comparison to some of my more expensive hair treatments. None of them have ever made my hair so manageable and soft. I could actually run my fingers through it, which I can NEVER do. It also seemed to help my split ends. Now, don't get me wrong, it isn't possible to fuse together hair that is split. All those products claiming to "seal" them are lying. However, coconut oil did smooth them down and I can see it preventing them from getting worse, meaning I can go longer between trims.

Next I used this on my body after getting out of the shower. Holy moses! My skin was ridiculously soft! I couldn't stop touching it. Usually I am ashy and itchy even after using baby oil and lotion. With this, I can even skip a day or two and my skin stays soft. I haven't had any reactions to it, either. I even mixed a vanilla fragrance with it, which is usually a no-no for my super sensitive skin. No issues at all. Just skin as smooth as silk.

Coconut oil is also great for chapped lips! I just rub a bit on and then once it sinks in I put my normal gloss on. It is an amazing makeup remover, too. Especially on my eyes. No burning or stinging at all. I rubbed it on my hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks and it calmed down the redness almost instantly. My acne scars seemed to fade, too! However, I tried to use this all over as a moisturizer and it was too much. I had a few cystic zits, but they healed up almost immediately. So, maybe it's not the best if you are acne prone like me. I hear that if you get the unbleached kind it is great for acne, though. Maybe one day!

Hope y'all are having a great week. Sorry for being a bit MIA. Thanks for all the kind words about Pappy. We have had a very scary week, which is part of the reason I have not been posting as much. His kidneys are functioning again, but he is very weak and has lost a lot of weight. Up until yesterday he was talking a bit out of his head. They moved him temporarily to a nursing home, which is very hard for me to see, but I know it is necessary for him to recover. He seemed more like himself when I went to visit today, though. He even drank some of a milkshake I snuck in for him. :) Let me tell ya, I adore that man.


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