Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Hair Mask.

Wow, you guys... this week has been hectic! Sorry for neglecting my little blog. The holidays are rough this year with Pappy being in the hospital. I just hope he can come home soon. I miss sitting pulling up in his driveway and seeing him tinkering with some antique in his shop. So, again I apologize if my posts are sporadic.

My hair takes a lot of abuse. I mean a lot. My ends are pretty chewed up and I experience quite a bit of breakage. I am constantly using deep conditioners to try to keep my split ends from going into my good hair. As I stated in a recent post, I have been using coconut oil as a treatment and I have seen amazing results. Earlier tonight I was digging around in the refrigerator and came across an avocado that looked like it had seen better days. I decided that, since it probably would never be eaten, I would do the logical thing... which would be to smash it up and slap it on my head.

I then decided that my avocado needed a bit more oomph. I ran to my bathroom and grabbed my little bottle of jojoba oil (also.... I just started using this for acne. Great results! More on that later!) and my coconut oil. Bam! DIY hair mask!

The first thing I did was mix a bit of the jojoba oil and the coconut oil up in a bowl and I nuked it for 15 seconds to get it nice and warm. I slathered that on, focusing mainly on my ends, and then combed it through. The hot oil opens up your hair shaft, meaning that the mask will penetrate better. Next, I mashed up my avocado into the bowl... folks, you are going to really want to smash this. Just when you think it is good and mushy smash it some more. Take out all your aggression on the poor avocado. I did not listen to my own advice and it was way messier than it had to be. I will know better next time!

Next I poured a bit more oil on top of the avocado. I would say 2-3 tablespoons of each. I mixed it all together and applied it onto my dry hair and worked it through. Like I said, it is messy, so I did it over the bathroom sink. I threw my oily mess of hair into a bun on top of my head and wrapped my hair in a plastic bag. The plastic bag not only kept my hair mask from getting on the furniture, it helped trap the heat from my scalp in and made the mask work better.

I left the mask on for about an hour before shampooing out in cool water. I had to shampoo twice because, while I have a ton of hair, it is fine and tends to get oily quickly. If you have dry, coarse hair you may only have to shampoo once. I conditioned it like I normally would. Then something amazing happened...

I combed my hair out after. Usually my freshly washed hair is a rats nest, but the comb glided through with ease. I was happy, but I figured this meant my hair would be a grease ball after. Nope! I let it air dry most of the way and finished it with the hair dryer. My hair was amazingly soft and shiny. My split ends were smoothed down and barely noticeable. No expensive hair treatment I had used had ever given me such amazing results. This is now my go-to hair treatment!

Do you have any DIY hair treatments you do?


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