Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dinair Airbrush Makeup System Review

So, today I received my Dinair Personal - Pro Kit and rushed in the house to tear open the package. Now, this sort of thing is not normally up my alley since I am a huge bargain hunter, but since I am planning to use it on clients later hopefully it will pay for itself.

My kit includes-
4 Foundation Shades, 1/4 oz.
Pro Beauty Airbrush
Pro Compressor
(All Speed, 16 Colors)
Moist & Dewy Moisturizer
Easy to Learn DVD
$5 Dinair Dollars
4 Shades, 1/4 oz.
Designer Stencil Set
Sample Concealer
Facial Tanner, 1/2 oz.

This is the concealer sample it came with... this is some seriously great concealer. Wow. Not drying at all which is great for me since I have dry skin. Although I am 20, I have wrinkles under my eyes which have been there for as long as I can remember and look worse depending on how bad my allergies are. Usually they are pretty bad and concealer ends up settling into the lines or makes them look worse if it is too dry. This concealer glided on smoothly and only settled a little. However, the sample was way too light and that is saying something since I am pretty dern pale. I would totally purchase some of this in my shade, though!

These are the foundation shades it comes with. I chose the shades in the light range when I purchased my kit. I thought I was somewhere between "vanilla" and "alabaster", but both were a bit too light on me. "Alabaster" is also way too pink (though all the foundations look yellow in the pic) on my skintone. The bottles are pretty small, but they last a while considering it only takes 6-8 drops to do your whole face.

These are the bonus shades I received. I have only used the "peach beige" one so far as a blush. Not too sure what I will do with the other shades.

It also comes with instructional DVDs... which I didn't watch... and practice papers... that I didn't use. Oops!  I will eventually.

The airbrush system itself. I got mine in black since I plan to use it on clients and black tends to look more "professional"... but you can get it in a ton of different colors and prints!

ALSO! It came with a face tanner which I will probably never use. It also comes with this awesome stuff called "moist and dewy" that you can either mix with your foundation or spray on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy finish. It is rad if you have dry skin like me! There were also three eyebrow stencils that I have yet to use since I don't have anything my shade to do my brows with.

And here is a silly picture of me. I should have taken some actual pics, but I will another day. I plan to do a tutorial as soon as I get my laptop back from being fixed. As you can see, the foundation is a bit too light/pink on me which is emphasized by the flash. It covers up my acne pretty well, which I like. Overall I am really, really satisfied with my purchase. My only issue with the foundation is that it did look a bit cakey on me, but I have read that this is a common complaint with dry skin. The first layer I did was just the foundation, but then I tried it with the "moist and dewy" mixed in. I think that if I had just mixed the two to begin with my foundation would have looked much better. I plan to try again tomorrow!

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