Monday, January 28, 2013

Mini Wet 'n Wild haul!

I guess it must be the week I had, but my makeup hoarding has gotten a bit out of hand this last week. Although I spent waaaaay too much money at Sephora and MAC this last week (more on that later!), I did manage to hunt down some pretty awesome bargains on Saturday. Rite Aid had a sale on Wet 'n Wild products. I have never used anything from this brand before, so there was a lot of back-and-forth decisions on what to get... which Zach totaaaaally enjoyed standing there while I shopped. I should really start recording some of the stuff he says when he gets dragged along on my little shopping sprees haha. Bless his heart. Anyways, I must say, I am pretty darn impressed with what I got!

Sorry for the blurry pic, but I snagged these two Silk Finish lipsticks for 99 cents each. Whoop!

On the left is "Sunset Peach" and on the right is "Cinnamon". I was not very crazy about how Sunset Peach looked on me. I felt like it emphasized the dry flakies on my lips and the color was just a no go on me. I think when it comes to lipsticks I am a matte girl for the most part because I did not like the finish.  Although, I did really like Cinnamon and I thought that it looked a lot better on me. I will definitely be wearing it out. Sunset Peach, on the other hand, will be given to my friend Ana as I think it will go wonderfully with the pink in her skintone.

Next up is this neat-o palette called "Comfort Zone". Let me just say, holy smokes. I paid just $5 for this and I am pretty positive I am going to go snatch up the other ones. The pigmentation is great. I wore it out tonight at it looks just as good as it did when I left the house. This product alone is going to make me experiment more with Wet 'N Wild products.

Shadows from the left row. Look how gorgeous that definer shadow is! It is silky smooth, too. I wore this combination tonight and it made for such a pretty smokey eye. The only weak one seems to be the browbone color, but the lighting in my room is also balls so it might look better than I give it credit for.

Second row. All lovely colors!

 I have become more and more obsessed with eyebrows lately... I have even been airbrushing mine on to get them to look as arched as possible! Naturally my eyebrows have bald patches and look a bit flat, so a brow powder at the least is a must. I snagged the E.l.f. brow kit from TJ Maxx a week or so ago and I was very underwhelmed by it, so I did not have must faith in this little kit. I thought for $3.99 I might as well try it and I am SO glad I did. My eyebrows were PERFECT and it did not come off at all. I used the lighter powder of the two along with the setting wax and my brows were pin-up worthy. The kit also comes with a little pair of tweezers which I forgot to put back in, but they are pretty great too.

Light brow powder on the left, dark on the right... even though that didn't need explaining.

In all I love almost everything I bought and I am going back tomorrow to try a few more things. Yay!

P.S.- Just a random picture to say I am once again a redhead. I feel so sexy now! (Despite the fact that my skin is utter crap right now.)

P.S.S.- That reminds me. My skin is flaking, super dry, dead looking, and broken out. I am using a new acne cream which is causing the dryness. Right now I am using jojoba oil, but it is not cutting it. I need something cheap, super moisturizing, and unscented. Any recommendations?


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