Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of those weeks.

Do you ever have those weeks where you just want to curl up in a ball and watch Harry Potter and not be around people of the human variety?

This week has been that for me. I feel like everything has gone wrong in some way. My internet has been out, parents are gone on a cruise, I'm having to juggle work/school/ and dinner for my little brother and great aunt. This has also been my first really hectic week since I have been back at school. There have been several points where I have wondered to myself just how smart it is for me to be using sharp objects around people's heads.... kidding (kinda.). Maybe it is the stress of going out on the floor. It is chaotic and I am a nervous wreck out there and I have not had the confidence to really finish a haircut without having someone help me. I hate that. I am not good at asking for help.

I know it all comes with time. I am still learning. I am just frustrated and people seem to be grating on my nerves lately. As in to the point where I got into it with a lady that goes to school with me. Sometimes I tend to let my alligator mouth override my tweety bird butt... I promise she deserved it, though! Haha.

Enough whining, though. The bad weeks make you appreciate the good ones. I am surrounded by amazing people and I have a lot to be thankful for! We also did a really awesome thing at school where we did a makeover on two very deserving women. I can't wait to post the pictures when I grab a minute this weekend... unfortunately I just got internet access again and I have school and work until late tomorrow night. Blah! The makeover went awesomely, though... so many happy tears. Those are my favorite kind.

Hope you all are having a better week than me!


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