Wednesday, January 16, 2013

These last few weeks on Instagram.

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do! It has been a while since I have done an Instagram post... well, it has been a while since I have regularly posted. It feels good to be back! (and that is not just the cough syrup with codeine talking!)

1- Some girls get excited over flowers... I get excited over tea. Still equally romantic!
2- That was a serious conversation. 
3- My mommy and me. She is so lovely! 
4- Kitty cat dress to work... one of my many awesome Christmas gifts! 
5- My brother came home from deployment! This is the first picture I have gotten with him since last year. All we are missing is our oldest brother who had to be at work that day. Boo! 
6- Matilda being gorgeous outside. She likes to sit on the porch and chew on blades of grass. I tried to get her to actually walk in the yard, but she freaked. 
7- Bat paperweight I got Zach for Christmas + an antique book I found in the garage + Zach's glasses. 
8- Awesome vintage dress I got! Need to remove those shoulder pads. They make me look awkward. 
9- Doodle of my friend Ana I did.
10- Christmas day! I miss the Christmas tree. I wish we could keep it up all year. 
11- Maggie does not appreciate tornadoes. This is her, "I would much rather be tearing up toilet paper than to be stuck in here with you and your preggo cousin" face. 
12- My mother and Zach. I love them! 

Hope you all are staying warm and flu free! I think my lungs are falling out myself, but so far the flu hasn't come yet. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, too... I have an ultrasound in the morning to make sure everything is all good with my baby basket. Hoping for no cysts!

PS- do not get doped up on cough syrup and look for chapstick. You end up accidentally using a homemade cucumber lip balm that is over three years old... those things have a shelf life. I think it was fermented.


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