Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Abbalope Handcrafted Soap Review!

Hello, lovelies! It has been far too long since I have posted.... life has been hectic, to be honest. Between work and holiday chaos I really felt like I had nothing worthwhile to post about. One thing I never want this blog to be is an obligation. I have too many of those as it is! However, I have made it my New Years resolution to be better about posting. I love my little blog, and I have met some beautiful people in the short time I have had it going. You guys are rad!

Anyways, while Christmas shopping this year I decided I needed to put a few manly items in Zach's stocking. After a bit of searching I came across Abbalope's shop. She had a ton of really awesome looking, handcrafted soaps. I quickly snatched up the leather scented one along with the Santa's pipe scented ones. I wish I had pictures, but they are currently being used up in Zach's shower. I know, I know... "leather scented soap? EWWWW." Maybe it is the Southern part of me, but two of my top favorite scents are leather and tobacco. The leather is definitely my favorite of the two soaps I bought him. The scent is spot-on, and not overpowering at all. I like scents that you have to be snuggling to smell.

I also received some samples of her other soaps. Here is my first-impression of them!

Spearmint Sugar Scrub.Smells like the name suggests! My friend Ana sat in my bedroom floor and begged to take it with her. It smells like a stick of gum... only more natural. Does that make sense? No? Oh well. I love that it contains real cane sugar and coconut oil. My dry skin will love it!

Cucumber and Green Tea. Errrmahgerd. Definitely one of my favorites. When I was in my tweens I had cucumber melon scented EVERYTHING. This is like the "grown-up" version with the green tea. It is a very mild and very fresh scent. I kinda want to eat it, but I probably shouldn't.

Naouli Lime  smells very fresh as well. I don't really detect any lime, but that could just be my winter allergies. It smells like it may have a little eucalyptus in it, but it is not listed in the description.

Lavender Anise is probably my least favorite of the bunch... Zach smelled it and said "is that absinthe scented?"... which is probably why I don't like it as much. I do not like black licorice. I have many memories of my grandparents offering me candy, only to realize it was black licorice. Black licorice should be renamed "disappointment candy".

Milk and Honey is my favorite of them all! It smells so sweet, but not in that slightly overwhelming vanilla icing scent everyone seems to like (and I do, too! Just not on me!)... it is very mild. I like that about it. The honey, oatmeal, and goat's milk are also a treat for my dry and sensitive skin! This is definitely going to be on the list of ones I will purchase.

Earth Sea and Air. This was also one I was not as crazy about, but that doesn't make it a bad soap! I am just one of those people that doesn't like very floral scents. This soap has a ton of cool ingredients, though! Sea clay and sea salt being two of them.

Tea Tree smells just like, well, tea tree... which I love! I love tea tree oil. This soap would be awesome for someone with body acne, as tea tree oil is great for drying up blemishes.

Snickerdoodle is also on my "to buy" list. It smells soooooo good! My friend Ana also flipped over how yummy this one smelled. I am usually not one for soaps that smell like baked goods, but i am kind of obsessed with this one. My boyfriend loved it, too! 

I also got Tobacco Road, but for whatever reason the picture would not upload correctly. It smells amazing, though. Definitely going to purchase it for Zach. It is a lot like the Santa's pipe scent I got him for Christmas, but without the cherry scent... which I prefer. 

Hope y'all had an awesome New Year's! 


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