Monday, November 12, 2012

Beauty for a Bargain: Midnight Fever palette review.

I headed over to Walgreens a week or two ago because my friend informed me they had some e.l.f. holiday eyeshadow palettes out for pretty cheap. That is when I came across this palette and I had to do a double-take. It looked so much like the UD Naked palette that I love so much... and for $5 rather than $30.

I did not purchase it that day because I had to pick up the acne medicine my evil dermatologist prescribed me that nearly melted my face off, but I ran across it again on Saturday while shopping at Big Lots with Zach. He saw me looking at it and before I said anything he had it in his hand and was on the way to the register... I am glad that he supports my cosmetics addiction even though he hates makeup. He's a keeper! 

Anyways, here are some photos with the flash for a better idea of what the colors look like...

As you can see, the shadows are quite lovely. Perfect for anyone who wants a nice neutral look or wants to wear a smokey eye. It comes with an eyeliner that I have not used yet and an applicator that is pretty useless and broke when I tried to use it to do swatches.

Speaking of swatches!...

This is the first five shades in the palette...

And the last half which is the darker colors.

As you can see, the pigment is pretty good on these for how cheap they were. I feel like it is pretty comparable to the Naked palette. There were even some dupes!

Here we have UD's Toasted on the left and the 5th eyeshadow in the Midnight Fever palette on the right.

I believe this is UD's Gunmetal on the left and 8th Midnight Fever shadow on the right. They are pretty much identical!

And here we have third shadow in the Midnight Fever palette on the left and UD's Darkhorse on the right. I expected that particular color to be a dupe for "Buck", but it is waaaaay darker when you put it on than it appears in the pan.

Overall I found this palette to be a pretty darn good palette for the price. While the colors are not as pigmented as the UD palette, they are still really nice and would probably go on even better with a good primer. However, I did find these to be a bit crumbly and I think fallout will probably be an issue with these. I have not worn these out yet, so I can't really say how long these will stay before fading. I do think you can't beat them for the price, though!

Well, it is time to get ready for work. I get to be at work at 9pm tonight for the Black Ops 2 release. My job is a lot of fun, but sometimes I want to strangle people. I can handle a lot of things, but some idiot teenager thinking it is alright to call me "babe" or "sexy" makes me want to hand out a good Tennessee whoop assin'.

Have a great night, errybody!


Sarah said...

I bought these and had almost the exact same opinion as you. These work pretty well!

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