Thursday, November 1, 2012


So, yesterday was Halloween and the makeup competition at school! I decided to bust out my zombie look and ended up winning. Sorry for the heavy picture post, but I wanted to show my transformation... it's not pretty! My friend Chris took these photos and in some of them I wasn't aware I was being photographed and am making the strangest faces ever. Oh well! I am human. Sometimes I make odd faces... I even wore the makeup in to drop off a job application and I had an interview today. Hahaha. Later, I zombified my friend as well and we went to some lame haunted house where a 14-year-old tried to hold hands with me. It was really awkward.  Afterwards we ate way too much Waffle House and crashed on the couch while watching a 60's informational video about safety on Halloween and eating Fun Dip.

In other words, it was pretty epic.

What did you do on Halloween?

P.S.- I am trying to enable threaded comments on here so that I can reply to everyone, but I am having issues. Any advice?


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