Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Take your hair HIGHER!

What a week. First school, then awful face rash, and then my uncle had very serious surgery on his pancreas, and then I come out of the house the other day and my cousin's house is on fire (she lives down the street)... needless to say, I needed the four day break from the good old internet I decided to take. It was magical. I ate Cracker Barrel TWICE.

So, too apologize to those of you who follow my tiny blog, I giveth you a tutorial!

 It is no secret that I love big hair. However big I can get it before I start resembling a Jersey Shore reject is how I am going to wear it. My love for big hair has gotten to the point that, upon entering the bathroom and watching me style my hair, Zach says things like, "are you going to the grocery store, or auditioning for a White Snake video?"

So, here is a tutorial on how I get my hair BIGGER.

Supplies you will need:
Velcro rollers.
Heat protectant spray. 
Volumizing mousse.
An all-purpose comb, a rattail comb, or a teasing brush. Whichever you have. 
Hair spray.
Bobby pins.

Step one: Apply the mousse and the heat protectant spray. Blow-dry hair. I like to do this with my head bent forward or upside down for maximum volume. 

Step two: When hair is completely dry, carefully comb it out to make sure there are no tangles. Take a section of hair from the very top of your head and hold a roller up to it to make sure it is the right size. You do not want it to be wider than your roller!

Step three: Using the small side of your all-purpose comb, your rattail comb, or your teasing brush tease the section of hair you just took near the root. 

Step four: Mist the teased area with hair spray. 

Step five: Over-direct your hair for the most volume like I do above and carefully roll hair and then secure the roller with a bobby pin. Holding hair straight up will get you a bit less height if you want less volume.

Step six: Repeat the step above for each section you take until you have a nice mohawk like mine. If you haven't lost all your rollers like I have then feel free to roll your whole head. If you are like me and have lost every roller set you have ever bought proceed to step seven. 

Step seven: Smooth remaining hair with a flat iron to reduce frizzies.

Step eight: begin taking sections from the rest of your hair. Tease and spray like you did for the rollers and then... 

Step nine: Roll hair onto your hairspray can. This is also a great trick if you don't have time to deal with rollers. I usually hold it for 10 to 15 seconds to give the hair spray time to dry before I move on to my next section. 

Step ten: Carefully remove rollers and you're done! Enjoy your crazy cat lady hair!


Step eleven: Play with your hair until you get it to your liking. Use your comb to lightly comb over the top to smooth it down. If it is too big then very carefully comb out some of the teased areas. This step is all about personal preference. 

 Enjoy your big sexy hair!



With Love, Jamie said...

You are cute! Love this & your hair looks amazing!

Emily-Ann Hill said...

Awh thanks so much! :)

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