Thursday, November 29, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Foundation vs Colorstay Whipped

I have used a ton of different foundations over the years (you know, when I actually bother to wear it). I have used Mirabella, MAC, various drugstore brands, bareMinerals, etc... but by far my go-to product has got to be Revlon ColorStay Foundation. Now, before I start this post let me just clarify that the liquid foundation in the picture is actually my mom's. I actually use foundation for dry/normal skin and my color is "Buff". I didn't realize it until I decided to write this review, but I do believe my foundation is sitting on Zach's bathroom counter... Oops!

Earlier this year, sites like makeupalley exploded singing the praises of the ColorStay Whipped foundation. I picked up some and ever since I have been using both off and on, so I think I am a fair judge of which product is better.

To me Revlon ColorStay liquid is the better choice.

I have dry skin, leaning more towards combination in the summer. The ColorStay Whipped work great when applied with a flat-top brush during the summer months, especially when I set it with a translucent powder. My skin looked almost airbrushed even. However, as fall and cold weather rolled around my skin has gotten a lot drier. It emphasizes my dry patches and now it feels like it just sits on top of my skin rather than blending in. It looks cakey even with a primer.
I have never had this issue with the ColorStay liquid formula. I can blend it into my skin with both my fingers and a brush and it always looks good. I feel like it is definitely more natural looking than the whipped foundation. Also, a month or so ago my dermatologist put me on some medications for acne that broke me out in a horrible allergic reaction. My skin was peeling like crazy. I had run out of the liquid foundation and I decided to try to cover up some of the redness with the whipped foundation... it set my skin on fire. I was crying trying to wipe it off and I am usually not one to cry from stuff like that. It felt like acid. My skin was bright red afterwards, too. I ended up buying the liquid foundation that afternoon and it did not sting at all.

Different foundations work for different people... there are tons of people who think the whipped version is a God-send and would never use anything else. However, with my skin type (dry/combination/dry/dry) I think the liquid is a better choice.

What do you think? Has anyone else used either foundation?


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