Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trying to cheer myself up.

I miss that one, wonderful week where I managed to stick to a schedule with this blog. I miss planning things, taking pictures, getting inspiration... but, lately, that has not been the case. My postings are everywhere. I had an outfit post planned for today, but there are other days.

Today I need to hang out with my little brother and watch baby sloth videos. 

My hair is falling out. I can't sleep. My stomach is constantly upset. This week has been just one not-so-wonderful thing after another. Basically, the school that I am enrolled at for cosmetology is making my life hell. I am going to try to keep this incredibly long story short... basically, when I enrolled I could not get financial aid. My scholarships had run out from my time at a different college (I was going to be a radiology tech, but I wasn't happy) and because I am under 20, not married, and live with my parents I got no financial aid. I had to be a full loan student. I felt like the school was a little expensive for what it was... nearly $14,000 for a school that is not much more than a block building in a church parking lot... but, being in a small town my choices are limited. By "limited" I mean it was the only one unless I wanted to go to the next town over. I was in the office for three hours getting everything set up when it should have only taken 30 minutes tops. So, I started school and I loved my instructor. Everything was fine and dandy. One day they call me to the office about a month or so in. They tell me I need to sign up for my loan. I was like I thought I already did this, but whatever. I sign up again and in the middle of me filling out stuff they realize my FAFSA was never even completed. That was kind of a red flag for me that I had been there that long without my FAFSA ever being completed, but I was like whatever and went about my business.
Fast-forward a month or so later. One of the ladies comes out with a piece of paper to sign. The paper says I owe $20,000... uhh... what? It also says they had taken out $1,800 for room and board. Okay, I do not live there obviously. I got three different hours for what all that meant. Finally the lady that owns the school goes, "Oh, it doesn't really mean all that. That is just the way the state breaks it down." So I ask if my loan is still covering my tuition, they tell me yes. I ask this several more times over the course of the next few months. Every time they tell me yes.
October rolls around (I started in June) and they call me back into the office. They hand me a letter and explain to me that it came in for me and that my loan apparently didn't go through. It only covered maybe $2,000 out of my $14,000. My stomach dropped. They told me my family would have to start making payments. How the hell they assumed my family would be paying for my school is beyond me. I opened the letter and realized it was from AUGUST. They had known since August and had LIED TO MY FACE about my loan going through. I was livid.
I decided I wanted to transfer schools after I heard about one in Murfreesboro that was less than half the tuition of the one I was at. I confided in my friend Lindy about it and learned they had done some similar things to her. She decided she wanted to transfer as well. We went to the school and got put on a waiting list to hopefully start in January. We were excited and I got a job to save up some extra money before we started at the new school. I also took a leave from my old school so that my mother could be with me when I withdrew.
Today I get a phone call from Lindy who is in tears. She withdrew from the school today and they charged her for 75% of her tuition! SHE HAS BEEN THERE FOR THREE MONTHS. This means they are going to do the same to me. I don't know what to do. I can't afford all this. I am a stressed out wreck. I want to see if I can seek legal help... but I signed a contract. I mean they did lie to me about my loan, so I don't know if I have a leg to stand on or not. I am so angry and so hurt. I have been in the classroom this whole time, meaning I have gotten two mannequin heads (one of which was stolen from me) and my books. I have not received a kit or anything. So how could my time there be worth $10,000?

I am a wreck. I don't know what to do. I have never in my life dealt with such dishonest people.

On top of this I have broken out in a really bad painful rash all over my face due to some medications my dermatologist put me on. However, I made a video documenting it and hopefully I will have it up soon. I plan to do one once a week to document my progress. Hopefully next week's video will be better!


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