Friday, November 2, 2012

This week on Instagram.

 1. I am doing a november photo challenge... let's see if I stick to this one!
 2-4. More zombie Emily! 
 5. How I start contouring to give myself that gross sickly look... red lipstick! 
 6. Auto-correct is the bane of my existence! 
 7. Spending some time with my other kitty, Matilda. She lives with Zach now. Two fuzz balls in my tiny room was not a good idea. She is so fat now and I love it!
 8. Needless to say, the delivery guy got a decent tip. What an artist. 
 9. We are fostering puppies! They appear to be a chihuahua and jack russel mix. If you are in the Tennessee area or if you know anyone around here looking to adopt let me know! 
 10-11. Emily Scissorhands! Yes I attempted to blur out where my latex piece was peeling off my eyebrows in the first picture. I am not ashamed. 
 12. Took this about twenty minutes ago. I was not paying enough attention to him so he smushed his face against mine. 

I finally got a new phone after mine took a suicide leap out of my pocket while I was taking a wee last week. It really freaked me out when I realized just how dependent I was on my phone when I didn't have it for a few days. I am trying to make myself not be on it 24/7 anymore. Dinner is going to be a no phone zone especially!

A lot has changed this last week, which is why my blog posting is so off schedule. I have taken a leave from my current cosmetology school... there were just too many issues with my student loans. I ended up finding another school that is less than half the tuition and I actually qualify for financial aid. I am on the waiting list to hopefully start in January. It is a set back because I won't be out of school until sometime late next year, rather than next summer. I am trying to stay positive about it, though. I would rather be paying off $6,000 than $14,000! Also, I had a job interview yesterday. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!


With Love, Jamie said...

Just found your blog, lovin' it! :)

Enjoying the Epiphany said...

Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd follow me back!


Rai said...

That 'Emily Scissorhands' makeup is amazing, super jealous of your skills! xx

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