Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This week on Instagram.

1. Look I did with my shimmer palette. Channeling my inner unicorn.
2. Why dads should not have phones. 
3. Harry Potter/Dr. Who love. 
4. Mom left her Pinterest logged in. When I went to sign off she had this pulled up... I don't know what to make of it. 
5. Red velvet ice cream with sprinkles.
6. Found in my email :) 
7. My handsome mister and I on Thanksgiving. I am super awkward. 
8. Hanging out with sis-in-law Kayla and Cora Rose. Can't wait to meet her!  
9. Sad and sleepy working Black Friday. Eating crappy Chinese food after having an argument with a customer over a PS3 bundle that was "in the sales paper"... he later admitted to me that it was a Target sales paper. My rage was that of a thousand suns. 
10. Myself sans makeup and making a weird face.... Murnau making the most hilarious face ever. I laughed and laughed. 


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