Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This week on Instagram.

1. Ordered some cosmetics from Ebay and came across this cell phone case for a friggin' dollar plus free shipping. Whaaaat. 
2. Zach seriously goes to the grocery store for every. single. meal. This is my attempt at breaking that habit. 
3. Soooo good! 
4. The Walking Dead. Every darn week. It's good family time!
5. HUGE sweet taters. Yum!
6. My pappy sent over a whole mess of turnip greens. So good. 
7. My first night at Game Stop. I was so sleepy in that picture as my first night was a midnight release. 
8. Yet another foster baby. They are so sweet!

Man, I need to instagram more. It has been too hectic to even think about! Hope everyone is having a great evening!



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