Monday, October 15, 2012

Our story.

 One of our first pictures together. We had only been together a few months!
 In Florida summer before last. We were so burnt.

 At the ren fest last May!
A month or two ago in the truck... he was singing. As always.

Two years ago today I was sitting in my room when Zach called me. We talked for thirty minutes or so and then got off the phone. A few minutes later I get a text from him saying, "will you please be my girlfriend?"

I may have danced a little. Don't judge me. 

Rewind a month before... no, wait... rewind a few years before. If I am going to tell you our story I might as well include the awkward bits. I am 15. I go into Walmart and see this gorgeous guy working in electronics. From then on I sneak around the electronics section and more or less stalk this poor dude. I remember even joking to my mom calling him "my future husband." That is horrible to admit. I sound like the biggest weirdo ever, but I was a kid with a crush. I mean, I couldn't talk to him. He was, like, a college guy! (An art college guy, to be exact.)

Fast forward to my senior year. My older brother gets a roommate and tells me about him. His name is Zach. He wants me to meet him, but I never do because I had some rough situations going on in my life at the time. It does not stop me from trying to get under my brother's skin by telling him I was going to date his roommate. 

Fast forward again! I have just started college. I am newly single and very anti-male at this point. I am lying on my friend's bed when she takes it upon herself to add several guys she deems attractive onto my facebook to get me to stop being so negative. I am like, whatever, go ahead... fully intending to delete them all later. A few seconds later a message pops up. She excitedly informs me that she has added "this hot guy that used to work at Walmart" and he is messaging me. Of course I immediately remember my creeper days and am relieved that I wasn't the only weirdo. After that, we start IMing back and forth. I find him absolutely charming... he is hilarious and intelligent. A little while later I look at his page and notice my brother is a mutual friend. I put two and two together and realized that "the hot walmart guy" was also my brother's old roommate. 

A few nights later I am at work and I get a call from my brother informing me that he is taking me to the movies and that he is bringing some friends. When he showed up at my house with Zach I nearly puked I was so nervous. We ended up having a blast that night... other than me getting extremely embarrassed when Zach smoothly tried to sit with me end my brother made him move down the row even though there were TWO empty seats on either side of me. 

From that night on we started IMing every night... pretty soon that turned into texting. Next thing I know I am meeting him to go antique shopping (what an exciting first date!). After our little date we took a walk to a nearby park and ended up cuddling under this big tree and talking under the stars. Our romantic evening was only slightly dampened when he hit a possum on the way back to his place and I may have cried a little...

A month later we were an "official" couple and I have never been happier. I am so thankful to have him in my life... he is my best friend! 

Welp, sorry for the long post... but I have a lot of love for this guy! Hope your weekend was marvelous! xoxoxo


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