Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall inspiration!

I am slowly but surely recovering! I know, I know... stop posting about how sick I am, but I have been a hermit due to all this crud and there is not much else to report on... not that I wasn't a hermit anyways...

In other news, I LOVE FALL. I have said that already, I know. I can't help it. I feel like this time of year is when I look my best. Summers in Tennessee are too humid and sticky for much more than shorts and a tank top. My hair and skin tend to be better behaved this time of year as well. I have been really considering doing some weekly outfit posts and I wanted some inspiration, so I headed over to polyvore and found a ton of really cute ideas!

First Day

Vintage Fall

October 27 - 43 years ago

the fall of amsterdam

Fall is coming

Morning Mist

"Haven't You Heard? I'M The Crazy B*tch Here"

Fall Accessories

Polkadots in the Fall

We wear the pants...


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