Saturday, October 13, 2012


Today we welcomed a new baby into our family. Aubrey Ann was born this morning and from what I can tell looks just like my cousin Jamie. I am so excited to have a new baby cousin to squee over and cuddle. I am still a bit cruddy, so I haven't gotten to go see her yet... I am dying from excitement! She will not be the youngest for long, though. My brother (who is holding the little bundle of cuteness in the above picture) and his wife are expecting a little one. I can only hope the baby is half as weird as Derrick and I were as kids. I think we turned out pretty awesome.

This is a picture of most of the ladies (and Jamie) at the baby shower a few weeks ago. In the back are me, my cousin Jamie, and my cousin Melissa. In the front are my aunt Reneee, my cousin Anna, my Mammie, my cousin-in-law Courtney, my cousin Molly, and my lovely mama. I can't believe she is here.

Also, Monday is mine and Zach's anniversary. I think I am going to do a super mushy post about how we met. I am currently waiting for him to get back from his dad's, so we can head to a campground to hang out with my parents and enjoy our weekend. See you Monday!

PS- Actual blog schedule next week... what?... is this real life?


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