Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Instagram.

I have barely been on Instagram this week! I am mega stressed at the moment and haven't had much time for frivolous instragramming. Hahaha. Basically, my school screwed up my loan and I am not expected to pay over a grand a month.

Eff that. I'm going to be a magician.

1. Aubrey Ann and I! So now in our family we have Aubrey Ann, Emily-Ann (me, obviously), and Peggy Ann (my grandmother).

2. The night Murnau came home from the vet. He was soooo happy to see me. We had a cuddlefest.... and then the next day his medicine made him poop all over my room. Yay.

3. Zach knows how to make me smile. I love grapefruit! I drank that all in two days.

4. I am in the hair cutting division at school. This is my last division before I get my kit! I could dance if I weren't so mad at them for messing up my loan.

5. Harry Potter on ABC Family. My night is complete.

6. Puffy eyes strike again! This time due to vast amounts of PMS induced crying. Whoops.

Well, time to enjoy my weekend. I have really enjoyed actually having scheduled posts. I feel like this blog is really getting productive and I can't wait for it to grow and for me to grow as a blogger. However, I have decided not to post on the weekends. This is my time to spend with my family and Zach, not sitting behind a computer monitor. Maybe one day I will consider scheduling guest posts from other bloggers on the weekends, but for now no posts until Monday morning.


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