Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore: Yellow and Blue

Dress and scarf - Francessca's
Shoes- Born

First outfit post... Oh my! You want to know what makes these pictures even greater? My 14-year-old brother took him while sitting on his four-wheeler. That explains the tilt in some of them and why my feet are cut off... he did his best, though. I totally could not locate my tripod anywhere, so I conned him into going on a stroll with me. "Oh, I am just going for a walk with my camera... why don't you go with me? It will be fun!"

I lied. It was not fun... for him, anyways. I had a friggin' blast being in front of the camera for once. We also saw a fox which was pretty awesome. I love foxes! 

Fun fact: Those scars on my knees? I tripped and slid down a gravel driveway while racing my cousin at my grandma's house. I was wearing shorts and had just had a bike wreck the week before (I am ever so slightly clumsy) and my knees were so bad I almost passed out when I saw them. I have had doctors offer to do plastic surgery. They are much more scarred up than this picture lets on. However, my imperfections are what makes me who I am and I am keeping my "ugly" knees. This is also why I opted out of the surgery that would fix me being pigeon-toed. 

Hope is having a fantastical day! 


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